Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Offerings

Hello again and Happy Sunday. It looks as if the debate is fizzling out and the "Nays" have won. I guess those who've participated don't believe that the time and prep needed for TTM equals that of the in-person hounding. C'mon, folks, there has to be someone out there who believes.

Please take the time to enjoy another offering.

Offer #1: Henrik Zetterberg
Address: c/o Marc Levine @ Sports Management Group., 1300 Division Road, Suite 202, West Warwick, RI, 02893

Offer #2: Pat Elynuik
Address: 143 Aspen Grn., Calgary, AB, T3Z 6B9, Canada

Offer #3: Olaf Kolzig
Address: 1849 Bayou Grande Blvd NE., St. Petersburg, FL, 33703

Offer #4: Gary Dornhoefer
Address: 267 Chestnut Neck Road, Port Republic, NJ, 08241-9701

Offer #5: Jocelyn Lemieux
Address: 2004 E Glenn Drive, Phoenix, AZ, 85020


  1. I think there is time and prep that is definitely on a similar level to hounding, but TTM has a bit wider window when it comes to the moment of getting the graph.

    I can send my envelope out at 10am or 6pm and it'll still head out. If I'm at the rink at 6pm....I've missed the boat.

    I think hounding and TTM's are both in the cereal isle....but we're talkin' Shreddies and Fruit Loops.

  2. Have used the Kolzig addy to success just recently

  3. Zetterberg warning: You may not get back the item you originally sent. It appears he signs things in bulk and leaves them with his agent who then switches out your item with an already-signed one. Most of the time it's the same item. Sometimes it's not.

  4. The address for Kolzig worked for me. Check out my blog, Card Boarded, for the results.