Friday, February 19, 2010

Signed, sealed and delivered

All teams sign through the mail. Just not at their stadium. It is all depends on the players. Some teams do not forward mail at the stadium (Colorado, Washington, Dallas and New York). Some Detroit players even use a rubber stamp.

I suggest looking on team Web sites, under the FAQ section. They usually point you in the right direction. Always remember, the chance of getting a superstar is slim to none.

I use to see who's signing through the mail.

Keep me tips in mind:

1. Never send something you can’t afford to lose.
2. Use handwritten letters
3. Limit the amount of items you send to two to three items.
4. Always include a self-addressed, stamped envelope
5. When you send to Canada, use the proper return stamps
6. Keep track of when you send it and get it back.
7. Let me know about your success.

Consider sending items to to up and comers via juniors and minor leagues. Your success rate will increase dramatically.

If you are looking for retired players, I would be more than happy to give you addresses on a five-(5)-at-a-time basis. My only rule is that you let me know about your success, so I can keep my database current. I have one of the largest databases of NHL player addresses you will find.

It's free if you're considerate. Otherwise, it's $30 for a much-thinner list. REQUEST


  1. When you mean succees do you need the address or just a name got back Garry Howatt today

  2. We're interested in the player who sent back. Info like items signed, send date, return date, and what addresses, as in home, team or alumni, was used.


  3. Send me a scan as well as the details Puck hound mentioned and I will put together a reader's write post to show off evryone's success

  4. Hello,

    I have really enjoyed your posts on the Hound Central blog and am excited to continue reading your adventures on this blog site. I am also looking forward to learning some great tips and gathering insight as I am on the verge of trying TTM's for the first time (I've got some US stamps coming at this moment).

    All the best and continued success.


  5. As always, we are here to help. Whether it be with insite, adresses or even digital photos for you to use. It only takes a request

  6. Can't wait to read these updates! I've been really in to TTM autos lately.
    Some recent successes: Ted Lindsay, Harry Howell, Johnny Bower, Guy LaFleur, Steve Rucchin and Brett Hull.
    All relatively fast returns too!

  7. I have a ttm question.

    What is the view towards sending a sharpie with your ttm request?

    I see some returns with some 'less than ideal' pen quality.

    ave you ever sent your own sharpie? Do you get them back?

    Your thoughts?

  8. Sending a sharpie is probably a very good idea. It will give you a better shot at getting your item signed the way you want it. Just remember that you then have the additional postage cost as well as the fact that you more than likely won't see your sharpie again. I do not not personally send a pen for them because I am cheap and I have no other reason.

  9. I have a question for you. When I want to send a request to Canada from the US, do I send it there with USPS postage on the outgoing envelope and simply put Canada Post postage on the return SASE?

  10. Yes this is correct
    From U.S. to Canada use U.S. postage.
    Return envelope will need Canada Post.